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Experiments optimising python (with Cython)
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Experiments profiling and optimising something like snp-sites written in Python.

Have a look at the git history to see the difference optimisations used, it's now plenty quick (10s for 1GB aligned fasta?). The full log entries include run times for processing a cynthetic 1GB fasta (with a couple of exceptions).

This uses Cython; there are probably more annotations I could add to make this even quicker


Create an aligned fasta with random sequences in your current directory (211 x 5MBases ~= 1GB fasta)


Create a VCF from an aligned fasta

./ random.fa random.python.vcf

This should take about 10s per GB of input fasta


This is not a replacement for snp-sites. For one thing, it uses a really hacky fasta parser which probably doesn't play nicely with any input not created by the script used in this project. For another, it doesn't sanity check the file are all.

Basically don't use this for anything, it is retained more as a quick reference for me.

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