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Udacity Home Service robot project.
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Udacity Home Service Project

Short description of the main project folders:

udacity_hs - metapackage with all other packages (add_markers, pick_objects, wall_follower, hs_project)

hs_project - main package with all launch files, maps, configs and worlds.

hs_project\scripts - location of all *.sh scripts for testing.

hs_project\worlds - world file and generated map map_mansion.pgm

hs_project\config - RViz config

hs_project\launch - all supporting launch files with set params of the project

NOTE: Sometimes AMCL node is not starting correctly when executing and to fix it I usually close all window and start it again. Without AMCL node & move_base robot model is not appearing in RViz and there is no green particles of particle filter so robot can't move and can't receive/execute goals. (don't know the exact cause of this behavior ...)

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