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How to register

Authors: Cornelia Fürstenau, Franziska Zander

Contact BExIS Team:

Contact BExIS Data Curator:

Table of content

1. Registration

2. Login

3. API Token

1 Registration

The registration form is accessible via the Register button in the upper right. All fields of the form are mandatory and it is required to agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy (Figure 1). You will get an email and therein asked to confirm your email address. In the last step, you have to provide some information (e.g., name, affiliation to the project, organization). Based on this information, the BExIS Team will grant permissions for BEXIS2 within three days.

Figure 1: BEXIS2 registration.

2 Login

Click the Login button in the upper right (Figure 2). Then enter your email or user name and the password. If the login is successful, the start page (News or Search) is loaded. If not, you will see information about the status and reason for the failed login.

Figure 2: Login.

3 API Token

In general, two mechanisms, authentication and authorization protect the APIs of BEXIS2. Unlike logon, which uses the usual credentials, the APIs use a personalized token for authentication. The token can be found in the user menu.