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Gitcussion is a platform for discussing Github repositories. You can learn more about a project, library, gem or anything available on Github. Or you can leave a comment about it.


After reading Readme, I always look for last commit date and watch, star, fork counts to evaluate libraries(gems for ruby) then I decide to use it or not. But sometimes thats not enough. I want to learn what people think about it. Thats why I've built Gitcussion.

Google Chrome Plugin

Google Chrome plugin is available for better experience. You can see repo details just in the GitHub page of the repo.

Github Repo: github.com/beydogan/gitcussion-chrome

Download: chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gitcussion/maibbmonidiliiffldaklpmipmeplpkg


  • Top rated repositories by categories

  • Repository comparing

  • Displaying more data about repositories