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Perform Self-Diagnosis Tests On Your Laravel Application

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This package allows you to run self-diagnosis tests on your Laravel application. It comes with multiple checks out of the box and allows you to add custom checks yourself.

Here is an example output of the command:

All Checks passed

Included checks

  • Is the APP_KEY set?
  • Are your composer dependencies up to date with the composer.lock file?
  • Do you have the correct PHP version installed?
  • Do you have the correct PHP extensions installed?
  • Can a connection to the database be established?
  • Do the storage and bootstrap/cache directories have the correct permissions?
  • Does the .env file exist?
  • Is the maintenance mode disabled?
  • Are the required locales installed on the system?
  • Are there environment variables that exist in .env.example but not in .env?
  • Are there any migrations that need to be run?
  • Is the storage directory linked?
  • Can Redis be accessed?

Development environment checks

  • Is the configuration not cached?
  • Are the routes not cached?
  • Are there environment variables that exist in .env but not in .env.example?

Production environment checks

  • Is the configuration cached?
  • Are the routes cached?
  • Is the xdebug PHP extension disabled?
  • Is APP_DEBUG set to false?
  • Are certain servers reachable?
  • Are certain supervisor programs running?


You can install the package via composer:

composer require beyondcode/laravel-self-diagnosis

If you're using Laravel 5.5+ the SelfDiagnosisServiceProvider will be automatically registered for you.


Just call the artisan command to start the checks:

php artisan self-diagnosis


You can publish the configuration file, that contains all available checks using:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider=BeyondCode\\SelfDiagnosis\\SelfDiagnosisServiceProvider

This will publish a self-diagnosis.php file in your config folder. This file contains all the checks that will be performed on your application.


return [

     * A list of environment aliases mapped to the actual environment configuration.
    'environment_aliases' => [
        'prod' => 'production',
        'live' => 'production',
        'local' => 'development',

     * Common checks that will be performed on all environments.
    'checks' => [
        \BeyondCode\SelfDiagnosis\Checks\DatabaseCanBeAccessed::class => [
            'default_connection' => true,
            'connections' => [],
        \BeyondCode\SelfDiagnosis\Checks\DirectoriesHaveCorrectPermissions::class => [
            'directories' => [
        \BeyondCode\SelfDiagnosis\Checks\LocalesAreInstalled::class => [
            'required_locales' => [
        \BeyondCode\SelfDiagnosis\Checks\PhpExtensionsAreInstalled::class => [
            'extensions' => [
            'include_composer_extensions' => true,

     * Environment specific checks that will only be performed for the corresponding environment.
    'environment_checks' => [
        'development' => [
            \BeyondCode\SelfDiagnosis\Checks\ComposerWithDevDependenciesIsUpToDate::class => [
                'additional_options' => '--ignore-platform-reqs',
        'production' => [
            \BeyondCode\SelfDiagnosis\Checks\ComposerWithoutDevDependenciesIsUpToDate::class => [
                'additional_options' => '--ignore-platform-reqs',
            \BeyondCode\SelfDiagnosis\Checks\PhpExtensionsAreDisabled::class => [
                'extensions' => [
            \BeyondCode\SelfDiagnosis\Checks\RedisCanBeAccessed::class => [
                'default_connection' => true,
                'connections' => [],
            \BeyondCode\SelfDiagnosis\Checks\ServersArePingable::class => [
                'servers' => [
                    ['host' => '', 'port' => 8080],
                    ['host' => '', 'port' => 8080, 'timeout' => 5],
            \BeyondCode\SelfDiagnosis\Checks\SupervisorProgramsAreRunning::class => [
                'programs' => [
                'restarted_within' => 300, // max seconds since last restart, 0 to disable check


Available Configuration Options

The following options are available for the individual checks:

Custom Checks

You can create custom checks, by implementing the BeyondCode\SelfDiagnosis\Checks\Check interface and adding the class to the config file. Like this:


use BeyondCode\SelfDiagnosis\Checks\Check;

class MyCustomCheck implements Check
     * The name of the check.
     * @param array $config
     * @return string
    public function name(array $config): string
        return 'My custom check.';

     * Perform the actual verification of this check.
     * @param array $config
     * @return bool
    public function check(array $config): bool
        return true;

     * The error message to display in case the check does not pass.
     * @param array $config
     * @return string
    public function message(array $config): string
        return 'This is the error message that users see if "check" returns false.';

Example Output

Some Checks failed


composer test


Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.