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Usage: ack [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE]
Search for PATTERN in each source file in the tree from cwd on down.
If [FILES] is specified, then only those files/directories are checked.
ack may also search STDIN, but only if no FILE are specified, or if
one of FILES is "-".
Default switches may be specified in ACK_OPTIONS environment variable or
an .ackrc file. If you want no dependency on the environment, turn it
off with --noenv.
Example: ack -i select
-i, --ignore-case Ignore case distinctions in PATTERN
--[no]smart-case Ignore case distinctions in PATTERN,
only if PATTERN contains no upper case
Ignored if -i is specified
-v, --invert-match Invert match: select non-matching lines
-w, --word-regexp Force PATTERN to match only whole words
-Q, --literal Quote all metacharacters; PATTERN is literal
Search output:
--line=NUM Only print line(s) NUM of each file
-l, --files-with-matches
Only print filenames containing matches
-L, --files-without-matches
Only print filenames with no matches
-o Show only the part of a line matching PATTERN
(turns off text highlighting)
--passthru Print all lines, whether matching or not
--output=expr Output the evaluation of expr for each line
(turns off text highlighting)
--match PATTERN Specify PATTERN explicitly.
-m, --max-count=NUM Stop searching in each file after NUM matches
-1 Stop searching after one match of any kind
-H, --with-filename Print the filename for each match
-h, --no-filename Suppress the prefixing filename on output
-c, --count Show number of lines matching per file
--column Show the column number of the first match
-A NUM, --after-context=NUM
Print NUM lines of trailing context after matching
-B NUM, --before-context=NUM
Print NUM lines of leading context before matching
-C [NUM], --context[=NUM]
Print NUM lines (default 2) of output context.
--print0 Print null byte as separator between filenames,
only works with -f, -g, -l, -L or -c.
File presentation:
--pager=COMMAND Pipes all ack output through COMMAND. For example,
--pager="less -R". Ignored if output is redirected.
--nopager Do not send output through a pager. Cancels any
setting in ~/.ackrc, ACK_PAGER or ACK_PAGER_COLOR.
--[no]heading Print a filename heading above each file's results.
(default: on when used interactively)
--[no]break Print a break between results from different files.
(default: on when used interactively)
--group Same as --heading --break
--nogroup Same as --noheading --nobreak
--[no]color Highlight the matching text (default: on unless
output is redirected, or on Windows)
--[no]colour Same as --[no]color
--color-lineno=COLOR Set the color for filenames, matches, and line numbers.
--flush Flush output immediately, even when ack is used
non-interactively (when output goes to a pipe or
File finding:
-f Only print the files found, without searching.
The PATTERN must not be specified.
-g REGEX Same as -f, but only print files matching REGEX.
--sort-files Sort the found files lexically.
--invert-file-match Print/search handle files that do not match -g/-G.
--show-types Show which types each file has.
File inclusion/exclusion:
-a, --all-types All file types searched;
Ignores CVS, .svn and other ignored directories
-u, --unrestricted All files and directories searched
--[no]ignore-dir=name Add/Remove directory from the list of ignored dirs
-r, -R, --recurse Recurse into subdirectories (ack's default behavior)
-n, --no-recurse No descending into subdirectories
-G REGEX Only search files that match REGEX
--perl Include only Perl files.
--type=perl Include only Perl files.
--noperl Exclude Perl files.
--type=noperl Exclude Perl files.
See "ack --help type" for supported filetypes.
--type-set TYPE=.EXTENSION[,.EXT2[,...]]
Files with the given EXTENSION(s) are recognized as
being of type TYPE. This replaces an existing
definition for type TYPE.
--type-add TYPE=.EXTENSION[,.EXT2[,...]]
Files with the given EXTENSION(s) are recognized as
being of (the existing) type TYPE
--[no]follow Follow symlinks. Default is off.
Directories ignored by default:
autom4te.cache, blib, _build, .bzr, .cdv, cover_db, CVS, _darcs, ~.dep,, .git, .hg, _MTN, ~.nib, .pc, ~.plst, RCS, SCCS, _sgbak and .svn
Files not checked for type:
/~$/ - Unix backup files
/#.+#$/ - Emacs swap files
/[._].*\.swp$/ - Vi(m) swap files
/core\.\d+$/ - core dumps
/[.-]min\.js$/ - Minified javascript files
--noenv Ignore environment variables and ~/.ackrc
--help This help
--man Man page
--version Display version & copyright
--thpppt Bill the Cat
Exit status is 0 if match, 1 if no match.
This is version 1.96 of ack.