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@@ -44,6 +44,14 @@ This is identical to:
=head2 Automatically ignore VCS directories
Are you tired of F<grep> finding matches in your CVS, Subversion
or Git directories? Even if no matches are found, searching those
directories never returns references in source code. ack automatically
ignores files contained in the directories for these popular version
control systems and many others. If your VCS doesn't have directories
already built into ack, you can add them by just adding C<--ignore-dir>
lines to your F<.ackrc> file.
=head2 Limit by language with C<--perl>, C<--html>, C<--sql> etc
=head2 Exclude languages with C<--noperl>, C<--nohtml>, C<--nosql> etc
@@ -61,6 +69,19 @@ searching your 'test' directory, use C<--ignore-dir=test/>.
=head2 Show context lines around the match with C<-A>, C<-B> and C<-C>
=head2 List only the filename with C<-l>
=head2 Open files that ack finds
Need to edit every perl file that calls a particular subroutine?
Let ack not only find the files for you (restricting the search to
perl files with the C<--perl> flag), but load them into your editor
by using either C<-l> or C<--files-with-matches>:
emacs $(ack -l --perl bad_subroutine)
=head2 F<~/.ackrc>

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