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allan commented Nov 29, 2010

I'd like to see all files ending with .md, .mkd, .markdown and all Readme's (whitout any extension) added to the files that are searched when no extra option is given.

jm3 commented Jan 17, 2012


jm3 commented Jan 17, 2012

I would be happy to implement this if there are any pointers anyone can direct me toward. --type-set text=md and --type-add text=md both fail with the error, Builtin type "text" cannot be changed.


hoelzro commented Jan 17, 2012

I can't speak for @petdance, but he would probably say that this will be doable in ack2. For the time being, you can add the following to your .ackrc to get --markdown to work, and also to add .md files to the list of files considered by default:


petdance commented Jan 17, 2012

@allan The key is that ack 1.x is designed to only search source code. Markdown and READMEs aren't source code. Ack 2.x will be more forgiving.


petdance commented Apr 27, 2013

Text opening behavior has changed in ack 2.

@petdance petdance closed this Apr 27, 2013

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