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Create a Windows MSI installer #194

mcandre opened this Issue Jan 10, 2013 · 13 comments


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mcandre commented Jan 10, 2013

Please release a no-fuss Windows MSI installer, ack.msi, that adds ack.exe to PATH.


petdance commented Jan 10, 2013

If any Windows folks can do this, I'm all ears. It is definitely not something that I can do. I will be relying on the kindness of others to make this deliverable whenever a new release is made.

mcandre commented Apr 30, 2013

Normally, I'd generate executables with PAR::Packer, but I can't get that to compile on my machine. Anyone else have a Windows environment?

mcandre commented Apr 30, 2013

Can someone point me to a prebuilt ack.exe binary? If I can obtain one, I'll happily wrap it in a nice installer that adds it to PATH.


petdance commented Apr 30, 2013

There is no such thing as "an ack.exe binary". Ack is Perl.

mcandre commented Apr 30, 2013

Perl binaries can be converted into standalone Windows executables with PAR::Packer :)

Unfortunately, PAR::Packer is currently unable to build on my machine :(

Maybe Chocolatey will do for automatic installation in Windows.


mmcclimon commented May 6, 2013

I just uploaded a Windows executable (created with pp) to my own fork in commit 99d2239. I'll be interested to see if it works or not.


petdance commented May 7, 2013

Sounds good. Whatever happens with the installer, it won't be part of the ack2 project. I can't maintain a Windows installer (or any installers, for that matter).

mcandre commented May 7, 2013

@mmcclimon Thanks!

azawawi commented Aug 14, 2013

A better approach maybe is to ask Strawberry Perl people to bundle App::Ack2 by default.

mcandre commented Aug 15, 2013

Not at all. There are zillions of Perl command line tools, why should Strawberry Perl bundle them? That's how you get software bloat.


petdance commented Sep 20, 2013

@azawawi Go ahead and ask. Can't hurt to ask.

azawawi commented Sep 22, 2013

@petdance Just asked kmx over IRC. Hopefully he will reply soon 👍

azawawi commented Sep 23, 2013

@mcandre Maintaining an MSI installer is a headache. In the end you are going to install the Perl toolchain + App::Ack. and you need to make sure you can co-exist with other Perls on Windows for the tool to be useful.

@petdance kmx has approved App::Ack 2.29_03 into strawberry perl 5.18.2 provided it passes all the tests. Could we now close this issue?

Yes, App::Ack 2.09_03 pass all tests.

In that case no problem.

As I have no critical issues reported in the strawberry perl
I will wait with the next release for perl 5.18.2 (which I expect to happen in November-December)

@petdance petdance closed this Mar 16, 2017

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