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Quick start

  • Install MODX Revolution

  • Upload this package into the Extras directory in the root of site

  • You need to rename it to anyOtherName your package, so enter into SSH console and run

php ~/www/Extras/modExtra/rename_it.php anyOtherName

path on your site may differs

  • Then install it on dev site
php ~/www/Extras/anyOtherName/_build/build.php


See _build/config.inc.php for editable package options.

All resolvers and elements are in _build path. All files that begins not from . or _ will be added automatically.

If you will add a new type of element, you will need to add the method with that name into build.php script as well.

Build and download

You can build package at any time by opening http://dev.site.com/Extras/anyOtherName/_build/build.php

If you want to download built package - just add ?download=1 to the address.

Example deploy settings