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Extracting Code Statistics from rails
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CodeMetrics Inline docs

Independent library extracted from Rails code statistics.

Getting Started

  1. Install at the command prompt if you haven't yet:

    gem install code_metrics


  • Lines of code statistics for a folder

    • Command-line

    • As rake task

      require 'code_metrics/statistics'
      rake code_metrics:stats
      # or in Rails (check `rake -W stats` to see what tasks are loading)
      rake stats
    • As a library

      require 'code_metrics/code_statistics'
      dirs =
      dirs.add_test_directories('spec/**/*_spec.rb', 'spec') # where the 2nd argument is a required string in the filename
      dirs.add_directories('engines/**/*.rb') # no restrictions on the file name, 2nd argument omitted
      dirs.add_test_directory('Acceptance specs', 'spec/acceptance')
      dirs.directories # outputs an array of [description, folder_path] to run statistics against*dirs).to_s
      # in Rails
      require 'rails/code_statistics'
        'Acceptance' => 'spec/acceptance',
      }.each do |type, dir|
        ::STATS_DIRECTORIES << ["#{name} specs", dir]
        ::CodeStatistics::TEST_TYPES << "#{name} specs"
  • Lines of code statistics for a list of files

    • As rake task

      require 'code_metrics/line_statistics'
      rake code_metrics:line_statistics[file_pattern] # e.g. ['lib/**/*.rb']
    • As a library

      require 'code_metrics/line_statistics'
      files = FileList["lib/active_record/**/*.rb"]
  • Profiling memory usage of requires. POSIX-only. Requires ps

    • Command-line

      code_metrics-profile <path/to/rubyfile.rb> [optional: ruby-prof mode]


Code Status

  • Build Status
  • Dependencies


Released under the MIT License.

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