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import base64, hashlib, hmac
class SignedRequest(object):
# Construct a SignedRequest based on the stringified version of it.
def __init__(self,consumerSecret, signedRequest):
self.consumerSecret = consumerSecret
self.signedRequest = signedRequest
# Validates the signed request by verifying the key, then returns
# the json string.
def verifyAndDecode(self):
# Validate secret and signed request string.
assert self.consumerSecret != None,'No consumer secret found in environment [CANVAS_CONSUMER_SECRET].'
assert self.signedRequest != None, 'Signed request parameter required.'
# 1) Split the signed request into signature and payload.
request_array = self.signedRequest.split('.')
assert len(request_array) == 2, 'Incorrectly formatted signed request.'
signature = request_array[0]
payload = request_array[1]
# 2) Verify the contents of the payload by first validating the authenticity
# of the signature.
decodedSignature = base64.b64decode(signature)
this_hmac =,payload,hashlib.sha256)
assert decodedSignature == this_hmac.digest(), 'Signed request has been tampered with.'
# 3) Decode the base64 encoded payload of the canvas request.
jsonString = base64.b64decode(payload)
return jsonString