Azure Blob Store command line tool to download and upload files.
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Azure Blob Store command line tool to download and upload files. It works in Python 2.7 & 3.3+. This package was crafted for using Azure Blob Store in Linux or OSX! Windows is not supported. It was heavily inspired by s3cmd.


You can install easily with pip.

$ `sudo -H pip install azrcmd --ignore-installed markerlib`

Note: You won't be able to install it with easy_install because of the incompatibility between setuptools and azure libraries. The upper hack is required because azure-storage is buggy and really hard to install.

Create your configuration file as a bash script or put this information on your .bash_profile.



Upload files

You can upload a file easily:

$ azrcmd-put filename wasbc://container/path/filename
$ azrcmd-put filename wasbc://container/path/

Of course, you can upload multiple files with a single command:

$ azrcmd-put filepart* wasbc://container/path/

If you want to upload full directories than you have to define the --recursive parameter.

$ azrcmd-put --recursive dirname/ wasbc://container/path/dirname/

Furthermore, if you want to test the function you can use the --dryrun parameter.

Download files

Download a single file with

$ azrcmd-get wasbc://container/path/filename filename
$ azrcmd-get wasbc://container/path/filename dirname/

Download files and directories with the --prefix parameter.

$ azrcmd-get --prefix wasbc://container/path-prefix dirname/
$ azrcmd-get --prefix wasbc://container/path-prefix/ dirname/

It always override the already existing files! If you want to turn off this behaviour, please use the --skip_existing parameter. Of course, if you only want to download the new or changed blobs than you'd use the --sync attribute. You can test the methods with the --dryrun parameter.

List files

List all blobs with the given prefix.

$ azrcmd-ls wasbc://container/path-prefix

Delete files

Delete a single blob with the following command:

$ azrcmd-rm wasbc://container/path/filename

or multiple blobs with a prefix:

$ azrcmd-rm --prefix wasbc://container/path-prefix

You can test the methods with the --dryrun parameter.

What's next?

  • Add --sync parameter to do not upload or download unchanged files.
  • Symlink support (ignoring circles).
  • etc.


Copyright © 2015 Bence Faludi.

Distributed under the MIT License.