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BFE (Beyond Front End) is a modern layer 7 load balancer from baidu.

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BFE is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) sandbox project.



BFE opensource project includes several components, which can be used together as a integrated layer 7 load balancer and traffic management solution.

BFE system consists of data plane and control plane:

  • Data plane:responsible for forwarding user's traffic, including below component:
    • BFE Server:BFE forward engine (this repository, bfenetworks/bfe). BFE Server performs content based routing, load balancing and forwards the traffic to backend servers.
  • Control plane:responsible for management and configuration of BFE system, including below components:
    • API-Server:provides API and handles update, storage and generation of BFE config
    • Conf-Agent:component for loading config, fetches latest config from API-Server and triggers BFE Server to reload it
    • Dashboard:provides a graphic interface for user to manage and view major config of BFE

Refer to Overview in BFE document for more information

Besides, we also implement BFE Ingress Controller based on BFE, to fulfill Ingress in Kubernetes


  • Multiple protocols supported, including HTTP, HTTPS, SPDY, HTTP2, WebSocket, TLS, FastCGI, etc.
  • Content based routing, support user-defined routing rule in advanced domain-specific language.
  • Support multiple load balancing policies.
  • Flexible plugin framework to extend functionality. Based on the framework, developer can add new features rapidly.
  • Efficient, easy and centralized management, with RESTful API and Dashboard support.
  • Detailed built-in metrics available for service status monitor.

Getting Started

Running the tests



  • In-depth Understanding of BFE (Released in Feb 2023)

    This book focuses on BFE open source project, introduces the relevant technical principles of network access, explains the design idea of BFE open source software, and how to build a network front-end platform based on BFE open source software. Readers with development capabilities can also develop BFE extension modules according to their own needs or contribute code to BFE open source projects according to the instructions in this book.


  • Please create an issue in issue list.
  • Contact Committers/Owners for further discussion if needed.
  • Following the golang coding standards.
  • See the CONTRIBUTING file for details.



  • BFE community on Slack: Sign up CNCF Slack and join bfe channel.
  • BFE developer group on WeChat: Send a request mail with your WeChat ID and a contribution you've made to BFE(such as a PR/Issue). We will invite you right away.


BFE is under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.