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BFE Ingress Controller

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BFE Ingress Controller is an implementation of Kubernetes Ingress Controller based on BFE, to fulfill Ingress in Kubernetes.

Features and Advantages

  • Traffic routing based on Host, Path, Cookie and Header
  • Support for load balancing among multiple Services of the same application
  • Flexible plugin framework, based on which developers can add new features efficiently
  • Configuration hot reload, avoiding impact on existing long connections

Quick start

See Deployment for quick start of using BFE Ingress Controller.


See Document Summary.



  • Forum
  • BFE community on Slack: Sign up CNCF Slack and join bfe channel.
  • BFE developer group on WeChat: Send a request mail with your WeChat ID and a contribution you've made to BFE(such as a PR/Issue). We will invite you right away.


BFE is under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details