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Founders Hookup Accelerator

"Founders Hookup matches high caliber, Internet co-founder prospects together."

This project is a sandbox for the Accelerator Directory on the Founders Hookup web site.


* Devise authentication for users and accelerators.
  • An accelerator may post information about their program.

  • A user is an accelerator applicant, and usually one of the founders.

    • A user fills out an interactive questionnaire that uses jQuery. It may include a short video.
    • A user may then select which accelerator programs to apply to.

* Applications are emailed to accelerators using SendGrid. A copy of the questionnaire is also emailed to the user.

Beta Test

The Founders Hookup Accelerator Directory is currently in beta. To participate or send feedback, click here.

Software Testing

Software tests are done using RSpec.


This is a Birch Forest Systems project. Please contact us at for further details.