PaginatedListView changes and minor bug fix to an error message #2

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jsoa commented Oct 1, 2010

Main thing here is that I moved the functionality of PaginatedListView to ListView as I don't see a reason for these to be separate. The PaginatedListView, when paginate_by is set to None or 0 would act just like a ListView anyway.

The pagination for the ListView is optional. Only when paginate_by is set to something other than None or 0, will it be paginated.

The other commit was a minor issue when raising a Http404 error, it would return django.utils.functional.lazy.__proxy__ instead of the model's verbose_name_plural when verbose_name_plural isn't specified in the _meta class.

jose soares added some commits Sep 30, 2010
jose soares Removed the PaginatorView and moved its functionality into ListView a…
…s an option. This way the default date based list views can be paginated as well.
jose soares Coerce the _meta.verbose_name_plural to unicode. 491c326
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