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Commits on Jul 1, 2013
  1. @aaugustin
  2. @aaugustin
  3. @aaugustin

    Deprecated django.utils.dictconfig.

    aaugustin committed
    The module still exists for whoever uses it in its current state, but it
    isn't imported by Django anywhere.
  4. @aaugustin

    Fixed a few more imports of django.utils.unittest.

    aaugustin committed
    One import per line please! Refs #20680.
  5. @aaugustin

    This doesn't need to be a package any more.

    aaugustin committed
    Refs #20680.
  6. @aaugustin

    Removed tests for django.utils.unittest vs. unittest.

    aaugustin committed
    Silenced warnings caused by the deprecation of django.utils.unittest.
    Thanks Preston Timmons and Carl Meyer for their advice.
    Fixed #20680.
  7. @timgraham
  8. @timgraham
  9. @aaugustin
  10. @aaugustin
  11. @bmispelon

    Fixed #20659 -- Fixed PublisherDetail in CBV topic documentation.

    bmispelon committed
    Thanks to tudor.prodan, susan, and Tim Graham for the report and reviews.
  12. @aaugustin
  13. @aaugustin
  14. @aaugustin

    Stopped branding Python 3 support as experimental.

    aaugustin committed
    Forward-port of 0de21a6 from stable/1.6.x.
  15. @aaugustin

    Updated FAQ on Python versions to explain 2 vs 3.

    aaugustin committed
    Required the latest version for each Python series to minimize
    bookkeeping in the future.
    Forward-port of c1d8f3b from stable/1.6.x.
  16. @alex

    Removed a comment that wasn't adding a value.

    alex committed
    In the intervening years, RelatedField has become less of a hack (though it still is one). Anyone who wants to can re-instate the comment, but please add more details.
Commits on Jun 30, 2013
  1. @aaugustin

    Introduced getters for connection.autocommit and .needs_rollback.

    aaugustin committed
    They ensure that the attributes aren't accessed in conditions where they
    don't contain a valid value.
    Fixed #20666.
  2. @aaugustin

    Stopped calling loaddata with commit=False.

    aaugustin committed
    This was a stealth option only used by the tests, and it isn't useful
    any more since `atomic` provides nested transactions.
  3. @mattrobenolt @aaugustin

    Define the SessionStore inside __init__ instead of process_request

    mattrobenolt committed with aaugustin
    It's unnecessary to run this on every request, since technically, settings *should be* immutable.
Commits on Jun 29, 2013
  1. @ramiro

    Report wrongly-typed settings and abort, as originally planned.

    ramiro committed
    Thanks Claude for the heads up. Refs #12493 and commit 5e08b79.
  2. @ramiro
  3. @timgraham

    Fixed #20677 - Typos in generic_inlineformset_factory docs.

    timgraham committed
    Thanks Riley Strong for the report.
  4. @aaugustin
  5. @aaugustin
  6. @aaugustin

    Removed compatibility code for streaming responses.

    aaugustin committed
    This code provided a deprecation path for old-style streaming responses.
    Refs #6527, #7581.
  7. @claudep

    Fixed #18592 -- Prevented crash when accessing MySQL _last_executed

    claudep committed
    Thanks reames at for the report.
  8. @claudep
  9. @claudep

    Fixed #20660 -- Do not try to delete an unset FieldFile

    claudep committed
    Thanks stanislas.guerra at for the report and
    Baptiste Mispelon for the review.
  10. @ramiro

    Removed django.contrib.auth.views.password_reset_confirm_uidb36() vie…

    ramiro committed
    …w to finish its accelerated deprecation schedule.
  11. @apollo13
  12. @claudep

    More import removals

    claudep committed
    Following the series of commits removing deprecated features in
    Django 1.7, here are some more unneeded imports removed and other
    minor cleanups.
  13. @aaugustin

    Removed obsolete comment. Refs #20079.

    aaugustin committed
    Thanks Gavin Wahl.
  14. @apollo13

    Fixed 1.6 release notes.

    apollo13 committed
  15. @ramiro
  16. @ramiro

    Made GeoDjango GeometryField stop accepting a 'null' keyword argument…

    ramiro committed
    … as per its deprecation in 1.5.
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