Python library for the Echoprint music identification service
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A Python library for Echonest's Echoprint music identification service.

Unlike the official library, it does not need to save anything to disk -- a list of samples can be passed directly to the library.


First, you need to install the build dependencies. On Ubuntu/Debian, run:

$ sudo apt-get install python-dev libboost-dev libtag1-dev ffmpeg

On OS X, you need to install Homebrew, and run:

$ brew install boost taglib

Then as root or in a virtualenv:

python install


import echoprint
import requests

d = echoprint.codegen([0.0, 0.0, ...])
d['api_key'] = YOUR_KEY
print requests.get('', d).content

echoprint.codegen() takes a list of floating point PCM data sampled at 11025 Hz and mono. It optionally takes a second integer argument to hint the server on where the sample is taken from in the original file if known.

For a more complete example, see examples/ requests is required:

pip install requests

Test suite

$ pip install nose
$ nosetests