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Grails plugin that provides access to the Netflix Astyanax Cassandra client
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grails-app Version 0.4.5, Updated Astyanax library version to 1.56.44
lib Ported counter interation methods to Java.
scripts Initial commit
src Version 0.4.3, Added additional configuration options.
test Merged changes to separate schema create and drop scripts.
web-app/WEB-INF Grails 2.0 upgrade.
.classpath Initial commit
.gitignore Add codecoverage.
.project Initial commit
CassandraAstyanaxGrailsPlugin.groovy Version 0.4.5, Updated Astyanax library version to 1.56.44 Added README Release 0.4.0 to support Grails 2.2.* and Cassandre 1.2.*.

The Cassandra Astyanax Plugin simplifies integration of the Netflix developed Astyanax Cassandra client into a Grails application. In addition to encapsulating the client into a Grails service the plugin adds several dynamic methods that make using the client from the Groovy language more convenient for typical use cases.

See the user guide for more documentation.

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