bflow* toolbox 1.4.0

@astorch astorch released this Dec 6, 2016

  • The EPC metamodel is more restricted now, i.e. it is no more possible use the wrong kind of arrow when connecting the shapes.
  • It is now possible add other Eclipse plugins into bflow*. In particular, the BPMN Modeler can easily be integrated (and existing EPCs can be exported as BPMN)
  • User-defined icons can be added to shapes and lines in a diagram.
  • Value chain diagrams can now be linked with EPC diagrams
  • A link from one diagram to another one can now be followed by a simple mouse click.
  • Several bug fixes for value chain diagrams
  • Organizational charts have been added as a new type of models.
  • The new view "model properties" allows to add required properties to models as a base for compliance checks.
  • The "Modelling Wizard" has been improved such that large parts of an EPC can be drawn without ever touching the mouse.
  • Add-Ons can make use of a newer SWI-Prolog version (6.6.6)


@astorch astorch released this Aug 26, 2015

Early access version of bflow with risk annotation feature