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term2048 is a terminal-based version of 2048.



pip install term2048

To upgrade a previous installation, use:

pip install -U term2048

To install via snap:

sudo snap install term2048

Install from source

git clone https://github.com/bfontaine/term2048.git && cd term2048
[sudo] python setup.py install



Then use arrow keys to move. Since version 0.2.1 VI keys (h,j,k,l) are also supported.

Use -h to check the list of available options, and --rules for the game rules. Press <space> at any time during the game to pause it (since 0.2.5). You can resume it later using term2048 --resume.


Clone this repo, then:

[sudo] make deps
make check

Note: while term2048 should work on Windows, tests are meant to run on UNIX-like OSes and term2048.keypress-related tests may fail on Windows.


  • --version flag added by @aminb
  • --rules flag added by @cardern
  • Short -r and -v flags added by @yankuangshi
  • Resume feature added by @pravj
  • Snap installation method added by @LaughingLove


  • Python 2.6 and 3.x support by @shaunduncan
  • Tests instructions fixed by @olafleur
  • Spawn probabilities fixed by @frankh
  • Colors improved by @idosch
  • hjkl keys support by @aminb
  • Windows support by @valtron
  • AZ mode by @JosephRedfern
  • The first file-related tests were added by @taeram