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example_ip.png is a simple script which parses the output of the uf (un-assemble function) command in windbg and uses graphviz to generate a control flow graph as a PNG/SVG/PDF/GIF (see -of option) and displays it

Please note, that some additional options (eg: /c) to the uf command are not supported and will likely break the output parsing or graph rendering.



From within windbg, simply run the script using the .shell command as follows:

.shell -ci "uf ntdll!rtlinsertentryhashtable" c:\python27\python.exe

It is also possible to build a call graph at your current instruction pointer (EIP/RIP) and have ufgraph highlight the this basic block as follows:

.shell -ci "r $ip; uf $ip" c:\python27\python.exe

It is also possible to output multiple call graphs for each frame in the call stack as follows:

.shell -ci "!for_each_frame \"r $scopeip; uf $scopeip\"" python.exe -sh