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Parse an HTML string into `DocumentFragment` or one `Element`, in a few bytes (in browser)
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doma (size) (status)

Parse an HTML string into DocumentFragment or one Element, in a few bytes (in browser or jsdom)


npm install doma


const doma = require('doma');
import doma from 'doma';


doma('<h1>Cats</h1> and dogs');
//=>  DocumentFragment[<h1>, Text(' and dogs')]

doma('the cow');
//=>  DocumentFragment[Text('the cow')]'beautiful <i>bird</i>');
//=>  <i>'wild animal');
//=>  null

More examples

Example: AJAXed page

Note: script tags are not executed, but other on* handlers will run normally once attached to the document.

const response = await fetch('page.html');
const html = await response.text();
const dom = doma(html);
const ajaxedContent = dom.querySelector('#ajax-container').childNodes;

const ajaxedContainer = document.querySelector('#ajax-container');

Example: Parse images from HTML

Note: images are not fetched when the HTML is parsed. The elements only become "active" (and start loading) once appended to the document.

const html = 'They say it’s round <img src="earth.jpg"> but actually it’s banana-shaped <img src="banana.tiff">';
const dom = doma(html);
// =>  DocumentFragment[Text('They say it’s round '), <img>, Text(' but actually it’s banana-shaped ', <img>]

const images = dom.querySelectorAll('img');
// =>  NodeList[<img>, <img>]

Example: Drop HTML tags from string

const html = '<em>Never</em> gonna give you <sup>up</sup>, never gonna let you <sub>down</sub>';
const string = doma(html).textContent;
// =>  'Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down'


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