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Automatically expand a <textarea> to fit its content, in a few bytes
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fit-textarea (size) (status)

Automatically expand a <textarea> to fit its content, in a few bytes


npm install fit-textarea


const fitTextarea = require('fit-textarea');
import fitTextarea from 'fit-textarea';
<textarea rows="3">Use the rows attribute to set its minimum height</textarea>


Once, one element

const textarea = document.querySelector('textarea');

As the user types

One element

const textarea = document.querySelector('textarea');;

Array/NodeList/Iterable of elements

const textareas = document.querySelectorAll('textarea');;

With a selector

The selector is run once, so it's equivalent to the example above.'textarea');


  • indent-textarea - Add editor-like tab-to-indent functionality to <textarea>, in a few bytes.
  • delegate-it - DOM event delegation, in <1KB. Can be used to attach one fit-textarea to many elements.
  • Refined GitHub - Uses this module.
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