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My repos, indexed

Browser-only javascript modules

Media modules

  • iphone-inline-video - πŸ“± Make videos playable inline on the iPhone (prevents automatic fullscreen)
  • video-canvas - Paint video on canvas. Extra light.
  • object-fit-images - πŸ—» Polyfill object-fit and object-position on images on IE9, IE10, IE11, Edge, Safari, ...
  • supports-webp - Instantly detect support for WEBP images in the browser in 0.2KB
  • image-promise - πŸŒ„ Load an image and return a promise in the browser, in 0.3KB, no dependencies
  • get-media-size - Get the real size of an (already-loaded) <img>, <video>, or <canvas> in the browser.
  • get-canvas-pixel-color - Micro module to get the color of a single pixel on a HTML canvas
  • animate-prop - Single, dependency-free function to tween a property. Use that on canvas or anywhere else.

DOM modules

  • doma - Parse an HTML string into DocumentFragment or one Element, in a few bytes
  • select-dom - Slim alternative to document.querySelector/All
  • delegate-it - DOM event delegation, in <1KB
  • on-off - Add/remove DOM events
  • one-event - Micro module to add an event listener to be executed only once
  • get-scroll - Micro module to get the scroll position (top or left) in the browser
  • get-elements-array - Array of elements from selector, Array-like objects and single elements.
  • filter-altered-clicks - Filter alt-click, ctrl-click, shift-click, middle click, ...
  • visibility-change-ponyfill - A more reliable visibilitychange event that works in more mobile WebViews
  • gsap-then - Make every GSAP Tween a promise. tl.then(doSomething)
  • indent-textarea - Add editor-like tab-to-indent functionality to <textarea>, in a few bytes
  • fit-textarea - Automatically expand a <textarea> to fit its content, in a few bytes

Network modules

  • nano-fetch - A tiny window.fetch-like promise-based AJAX implementation.
  • tiny-load-script - Load a javascript file and forget about it
  • facebook-sdk-promise - Load Facebook's API and return a Promise. If it's already loading it won't try to load it again.
  • facebook-handshake - Seamlessly log into Facebook silently, with a popup or with a redirect on unsupported browsers (Chrome/iOS)

Utility modules

  • many-keys-map - A Map subclass with support for multiple keys for one entry
  • prevent-popstate-scroll - Prevent the scroll restoration caused by the popstate event or back/forward buttons.
  • scroll-restoration-polyfill - Polyfill for the "History API: Scroll Restoration"
  • console-class - Get yourself a light, togglable, namespaced and colored console.log in the browser
  • intervalometer - Call a function at every frame or every X ms. With start/stop.
  • intrinsic-scale - Replicate background-size: cover/contain for canvas/CSS/Node/… on any type of media.
  • poor-mans-symbol - Poor man's Symbol implementation, not compliant. Uses window.Symbol if present
  • random-encoder - Lightweight way to generate multiple, random, reversible "hashes" or encoding
  • pet-names - πŸ’‘ Get popular pet names (for girlfriends and boyfriends)
  • shorten-repo-url - Shorten GitHub links like GitHub shortens Issues and Commit links.
  • list-github-dir-content - List all the files in a GitHub repo’s directory
  • tiny-version-compare - Compare two software versions, with any number of points (<1KB)

Node-only modules

  • tumblr-upload - 🚑 Upload your Tumblr theme via node or CLI
  • bin-dir - Find or open the folder of a global command (installed via npm or not)
  • npm-bundler - Opinionated ES6 library bundler based on rollup-babel-lib-bundler. For my own modules, but maybe you can find it useful too.
  • rollup-config-webext - Suggested configuration to bundle files in browser extensions.

Modules for browser extensions

Browser extensions

  • GhostText - πŸ‘» Use your text editor to write in your browser. Everything you type in the editor will be instantly updated in the browser (and vice versa).
  • GitHub Issue Link Status - Colorize issue and PR links to see their status (open, closed, merged)
  • npmhub - πŸ”Ž A browser extension for exploring npm dependencies on GitHub repos.
  • One Click Extension Manager - Simple Chrome extension to manage your Chrome extensions.
  • Refined GitHub - Simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features.
  • GitHub Clean Feed - Group GitHub news feed by repo.
  • sticky-pinned-tabs - Chrome Extension: When in a pinned tab, external links open in a new tab
  • gstocks - Chrome extension + bookmarklet
  • browser-player - πŸ”ˆ Chrome extension: pause other tabs when you play something

Web tools

Unpolished and undocumented, though

  • - Paste a Reddit post URL, get a gallery of each comment's image. Perfect for /r/photoshopbattles.
  • index-github-bot - Bot that reminds me to add my new repos to my index.
  • - Italian Dictionary
  • HTML-Slayer - Trim images/layers and position them in HTML+CSS automatically
  • art-cropper - Drop images, export art-directed cropped images


Personal stuff

  • currency-slider - A personal app to quickly convert currency. Not automatically updated
  • MovieList - Built with Meteor: A multi-user movie list with comments
  • - Jekyll website, wip
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