killring-alike plugin for neovim with no default mappings
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The killring-alike plugin with no default mappings.


Use neovim master.

Startput mapping is used to start putting from the yank history, which is shared between nvim instances:

map <leader>p <Plug>(miniyank-startput)
map <leader>P <Plug>(miniyank-startPut)

If you want to remap p it is better to use "autoput", which will always first put the text that nonremapped "p" would have anyway, and thus still support "xp and clipboard=unnamed[plus]:

map p <Plug>(miniyank-autoput)
map P <Plug>(miniyank-autoPut)

Right after a put, use "cycle" to go back through history:

map <leader>n <Plug>(miniyank-cycle)

Maybe the register type was wrong? Well, you can change it after putting:

map <Leader>c <Plug>(miniyank-tochar)
map <Leader>l <Plug>(miniyank-toline)
map <Leader>b <Plug>(miniyank-toblock)

clipboard=unnamed register type fixing!

Currently neovim doesn't have support for register types in the clipboard. This makes blockwise yanking and putting broken when clipboard=unnamed or unnamedplus is used. When this option is set, and "p" is mapped to "autoput" mappings as suggested above, this plugin will try to correct the register type when an unnamed paste is done. It uses heuristics that at least will work if you yank blockwise and then immediately paste unnamed in the same or another nvim instance.

Of course, regardless if clipboard=unnamed is set or not, you can always do the correct paste using a "startPut" mapping, or cycling one step back in history when needed.


It doesn't work!

make sure $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is set to a directory that exists.

How do I cycle backwards?

use g-

It doesn't persist across reboots!

Sigh, just why? Okay, do

let g:miniyank_filename = $HOME."/.miniyank.mpack"