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Vim plugin to preview current quickfix item in a popup window (Vim only)
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A plugin for the quickfix and location list windows to quickly preview the file with the quickfix item under the cursor in a popup window.

Note: Plugin requires at least Vim 8.1.1705.

The popup window will always have the same width as the quickfix window. Live demo.


In the quickfix window navigate the cursor to the desired error and press p to open a popup window with the file containing the error. The window is scrolled such that the buffer line with the error is at the top of the window.

Press Ctrl-j or Ctrl-k to scroll the popup window down or up, respectively.

Pressing gg or G will scroll to the top or bottom of the displayed buffer, respectively.

Press x, or move the cursor in any direction to close the popup window.

Mouse events

While the mouse pointer is on the popup window, mouse scroll events will cause the text to scroll up or down as one would expect. Click on X in the top right corner to close the window.



The default key mappings and the height of the popup window can be changed through the variable b:qfpreview in qf.vim. The following Dictionary keys are supported: scrolldown, scrollup, close, and height.


  • Scroll up with Ctrl-y, and scroll down with Ctrl-e:

    " in after/ftplugin/qf.vim
    let b:qfpreview = #{scrolldown: "\<C-e>", scrollup: "\<C-y>"}
  • Scroll up with K, and scroll down with J, close popup window with Esc:

    " in after/ftplugin/qf.vim
    let b:qfpreview = #{scrolldown: 'J', scrollup: 'K', close: "\<Esc>"}
  • Show 20 text lines in the popup window:

    " in after/ftplugin/qf.vim
    let b:qfpreview = #{height: 20}
  • Alternatively, use a global-variable in your vimrc:

    let g:qfpreview = #{scrolldown: "\<C-e>", scrollup: "\<C-y>", close: "\<Esc>"}


The appearance of the popup window can be configured using the highlighting groups QfPreview, QfPreviewTitle, QfPreviewScrollbar and QfPreviewThumb. See :help qfpreview-highlight for more details.


Manual Installation

Run the following commands in your terminal:

$ cd ~/.vim/pack/git-plugins/start
$ git clone
$ vim -u NONE -c "helptags vim-qf-preview/doc" -c q

Note: The directory name git-plugins is arbitrary, you can pick any other name. For more details see :help packages.

Plugin Managers

Assuming vim-plug is your favorite plugin manager, add the following to your .vimrc:

Plug 'bfrg/vim-qf-preview'


Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.

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