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Python library for controlling Array 3600 series bench power supplies (3644,3645,3646)
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Python psu364x

This python library provides basic functions for controlling Array 3600 series bench power supplies (3644,3645,3646)

These power supplies are rebadged under many names, so it should also work with :

  • Array 3644A, 3645A and 3646A
  • Circuit Specialist 3644A, 3645A and 3646A
  • 3com 364x

What it does

  • Read/Set operating parameters (max. current, max. power, max. voltage, voltage set)
  • Measure output parameters (output state, output voltage, output current, output power)
  • Set output ON-OFF
  • Read serial number, model number and firmware version

What it does not do

  • Calibration. The commands needed for calibration are not implemented yet.


  • pyserial


If you already have Python and pip on your system you can install the library simply by running:

pip install psu364x


git clone

cd python-psu364x

python install


import psu364x

psu = psu364x.Psu("/dev/ttyUSB0", 0, 9600)  # Device, PSU address, speed

status = psu.getParameters()
print status

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