sample code for 2012-08-13 Typesafe SLICK talk at #IndyScala meetup
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sample code for Typesafe SLICK overview

Running a demo script:

The following steps assume you have PostgreSQL 9.1 installed, a indyscala user with no password, a slick database where indyscala has full privileges, and the world sample data from inserted into the slick database.

You may also change the JDBC URLs, drivers and users and passwords in the script files if your setup differs.

  1. Install sbt 0.12
  2. Run sbt update once to download dependencies.
  3. Run sbt console to start sbt with a REPL and the classpath configured.
  4. Type :load scripts/plainsql/01_load_cities.scala in the REPL to run the first Plain SQL demo script.