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Document globbing in `%history -g <pattern>`.

The pattern is treated as a SQLite GLOB '*<pattern>*', so regular
glob characters like '?' and '*' are available.
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@@ -75,7 +75,9 @@ def history(self, parameter_s = ''):
-g: treat the arg as a pattern to grep for in (full) history.
This includes the saved history (almost all commands ever written).
- Use '%hist -g' to show full saved history (may be very long).
+ The pattern may contain '?' to match one unknown character and '*'
+ to match any number of unknown characters. Use '%hist -g' to show
+ full saved history (may be very long).
-l: get the last n lines from all sessions. Specify n as a single
arg, or the default is the last 10 lines.

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