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Extensions you can install for IPython are listed here. To create a new extension, please refer to the extension docs.


Enables calculations involving units, such as (5 m/s) * (3 s). It also defines a range of physical constants, such as the speed of light in a vacuum, and the mass of an electron. Homepage

%install_ext https://bitbucket.org/birkenfeld/ipython-physics/raw/default/physics.py

Note: In the latest version, quantities with uncertainties are supported if the uncertainties module is installed.

%hierarchy and %%dot magics

The %hierarchy magic command draws an inheritance diagram of the given class or object. With the %%dot cell magic, you can write graphiz dot language in a cell. Homepage

%install_ext https://raw.github.com/tkf/ipython-hierarchymagic/master/hierarchymagic.py

%importfile magic

%importfile tries to import Python file in most "natural way". For example, if you have spam/egg/module.py, spam/egg/__init__.py and spam/__init__.py, you would want import module.py as spam.egg.module, not as module or egg.module. %importfile tries several heuristics to find the best "module path".



%install_ext https://raw.github.com/tkf/ipython-importfilemagic/master/importfilemagic.py


%importfile PATH/TO/SOME/FILE.py


Interactive plotting in notebook using the flot library, use ipython-flot package with a notebook example . This is not an extension, so it does not need %install_ext nor %load_ext to work.


Mathematica can be integrated into notebooks using the IPython-mathematicamagic-extension. Install instructions and examples are included in a notebook on the github page. Requires the mathlink python module distributed with Mathematica to function.


The Bitey magic extension adds a %%bitey cell magic for automatically compiling C (or C++) code into LLVM bitcode and loading the bitcode with Bitey. See also a sample notebook (source).


The Python matlab bridge enables calling of Matlab code and functions from an IPython session and adds a %%matlab cell magic, which allows embedding matlab code in IPython notebooks. For examples, see: pymatbridge and matlab magic


Enables conversion of simple expressions to a nice Tex Representation. See example

%install_ext https://raw.github.com/gist/4032651/c33b92cade4e899c81d03e1573a6f8107c7d470f/py2tex.py

Note: - Unum class supported for unit-aware calculation - source: https://gist.github.com/4032651


numpy extension for IPython. Autocomplete recarray. Homepage

%install_ext https://raw.github.com/piti118/inumpy/master/inumpy.py


Create richly formatted data tables in IPython Notebooks. Homepage

For examples, see: Introduction and Reference Guide