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Audit Event Fields

a[0-3] numeric the arguments to a syscall syscall
a[[:digit:]+][.*] encoded the arguments to the execve syscall execve
acct encoded a user's account name
acl alphabet access mode of resource assigned to vm
action numeric netfilter packet disposition
added numeric number of new files detected
addr encoded the remote address that the user is connecting from
apparmor encoded apparmor event information
arch numeric the elf architecture flags
argc numeric the number of arguments to an execve syscall
audit_backlog_limit numeric audit system's backlog queue size
audit_backlog_wait_time numeric audit system's backlog wait time
audit_enabled numeric audit systems's enable/disable status
audit_failure numeric audit system's failure mode
auid numeric login user ID
banners alphanumeric banners used on printed page
bool alphanumeric name of SELinux boolean
bus alphanumeric name of subsystem bus a vm resource belongs to
capability numeric posix capabilities
cap_fe numeric file assigned effective capability map
cap_fi numeric file inherited capability map
cap_fp numeric file permitted capability map
cap_fver numeric file system capabilities version number
cap_pe numeric process effective capability map
cap_pi numeric process inherited capability map
cap_pp numeric process permitted capability map
category alphabet resource category assigned to vm
cgroup encoded path to cgroup in sysfs
changed numeric number of changed files
cipher alphanumeric name of crypto cipher selected
class alphabet resource class assigned to vm
cmd encoded command being executed
code numeric seccomp action code
comm encoded command line program name
compat numeric is_compat_task result
cwd encoded the current working directory
daddr alphanumeric remote IP address
data encoded TTY text
default-context alphanumeric default MAC context
dev numeric in path records major and minor for device
dev alphanumeric device name as found in /dev avc
device encoded device name
dir encoded directory name
direction alphanumeric direction of crypto operation
dmac numeric remote MAC address
dport numeric remote port number
egid numeric effective group ID
enforcing numeric new MAC enforcement status
entries numeric number of entries in the netfilter table
euid numeric effective user ID
exe encoded executable name
exit numeric syscall exit code
fam alphanumeric socket address family
family numeric netfilter protocol
fd numeric file descriptor number
file encoded file name
flags numeric mmap syscall flags
fe numeric file assigned effective capability map
feature alphanumeric kernel feature being changed
fi numeric file assigned inherited capability map
fp numeric file assigned permitted capability map
fp alphanumeric crypto key finger print crypto_key
format alphanumeric audit log's format
fsgid numeric file system group ID
fsuid numeric file system user ID
fver numeric file system capabilities version number
gid numeric group ID
grantors alphanumeric pam modules approving the action
grp encoded group name
hook numeric netfilter hook that packet came from
hostname alphanumeric the hostname that the user is connecting from
icmp_type numeric type of icmp message
id numeric during account changes the user ID of the account
igid numeric ipc object's group ID
img-ctx alphanumeric the vm's disk image context string
inif numeric in interface number
ip alphanumeric network address of a printer
ipid numeric IP datagram fragment identifier
ino numeric inode number
inode numeric inode number
inode_gid numeric group ID of the inode's owner
inode_uid numeric user ID of the inode's owner
invalid_context encoded SELinux context
ioctlcmd numeric The request argument to the ioctl syscall
ipx-net numeric IPX network number
item numeric which item is being recorded
items numeric the number of path records in the event
iuid numeric ipc object's user ID
kernel alphanumeric kernel's version number
key encoded key assigned from triggered audit rule
kind alphabet server or client in crypto operation
ksize numeric key size for crypto operation
laddr alphanumeric local network address
len numeric length
lport alphanumeric local network port
list numeric the audit system's filter list number
mac alphanumeric crypto MAC algorithm selected
macproto numeric ethernet packet type ID field
maj numeric device major number
major numeric device major number
minor numeric device minor number
mode numeric mode flags on a file
model alphanumeric security model being used for virt
msg alphanumeric the payload of the audit record
nargs numeric the number of arguments to a socket call
name encoded file name in avcs
nametype alphabet kind of file operation being referenced
net alphanumeric network MAC address
new numeric value being set in feature
new-chardev encoded new character device being assigned to vm
new-disk encoded disk being added to vm
new-enabled numeric new TTY audit enabled setting
new-fs encoded file system being added to vm
new_gid numeric new group ID being assigned
new-level alphanumeric new run level
new_lock numeric new value of feature lock
new-log_passwd numeric new value for TTY password logging
new-mem numeric new amount of memory in KB
new-net encoded MAC address being assigned to vm
new_pe numeric new process effective capability map
new_pi numeric new process inherited capability map
new_pp numeric new process permitted capability map
new-range alphanumeric new SELinux range
new-rng encoded device name of rng being added from a vm
new-role alphanumeric new SELinux role
new-seuser alphanumeric new SELinux user
new-vcpu numeric new number of CPU cores
nlnk-fam numeric netlink protocol number
nlnk-grp numeric netlink group number
nlnk-pid numeric pid of netlink packet sender
oauid numeric object's login user ID
obj alphanumeric lspp object context string
obj_gid numeric group ID of object
obj_uid numeric user ID of object
oflag numeric open syscall flags
ogid numeric file owner group ID
ocomm encoded object's command line name
old numeric present value of kernel feature
old numeric old value audit_enabled audit_backlog audit_failure value
old-auid numeric previous auid value
old-chardev encoded present character device assigned to vm
old-disk encoded disk being removed from vm
old-enabled numeric present TTY audit enabled setting
old_enforcing numeric old MAC enforcement status
old-fs encoded file system being removed from vm
old-level alphanumeric old run level
old_lock numeric present value of feature lock
old-log_passwd numeric present value for TTY password logging
old-mem numeric present amount of memory in KB
old-net encoded present MAC address assigned to vm
old_pe numeric old process effective capability map
old_pi numeric old process inherited capability map
old_pp numeric old process permitted capability map
old_prom numeric network promiscuity flag
old-range alphanumeric present SELinux range
old-rng encoded device name of rng being removed from a vm
old-role alphanumeric present SELinux role
old-ses numeric previous ses value
old-seuser alphanumeric present SELinux user
old_val numeric current value of SELinux boolean
old-vcpu numeric present number of CPU cores
op alphanumeric the operation being performed that is audited
opid numeric object's process ID
oses numeric object's session ID
ouid numeric file owner user ID
outif numeric out interface number
parent numeric the inode number of the parent file
path encoded file system path name
per numeric linux personality
perm numeric the file permission being used
perm_mask numeric file permission mask that triggered a watch event
permissive numeric SELinux is in permissive mode
pfs alphanumeric perfect forward secrecy method
pid numeric process ID
ppid numeric parent process ID
printer alphanumeric printer name
prom numeric network promiscuity flag
proctitle encoded process title and command line parameters
proto numeric network protocol
qbytes numeric ipc objects quantity of bytes
range alphanumeric user's SE Linux range
rdev numeric the device identifier (special files only)
reason alphanumeric text string denoting a reason for the action
removed numeric number of deleted files
res alphanumeric result of the audited operation(success/fail)
resrc alphanumeric resource being assigned
result alphanumeric result of the audited operation(success/fail)
role alphanumeric user's SELinux role
rport numeric remote port number
saddr encoded struct socket address structure
sauid numeric sent login user ID
scontext alphanumeric the subject's context string
selected-context alphanumeric new MAC context assigned to session
seperm alphanumeric SELinux permission being decided on
seqno numeric sequence number
seperms alphabet SELinux permissions being used
seresult alphabet SELinux AVC decision granted/denied
ses numeric login session ID
seuser alphanumeric user's SE Linux user acct
sgid numeric set group ID
sig numeric signal number
sigev_signo numeric signal number
smac numeric local MAC address
spid numeric sent process ID
sport numeric local port number
state alphanumeric audit daemon configuration resulting state
subj alphanumeric lspp subject's context string
success alphanumeric whether the syscall was successful or not
suid numeric sent user ID
syscall numeric syscall number in effect when the event occurred
table alphanumeric netfilter table name
tclass alphanumeric target's object classification
tcontext alphanumeric the target's or object's context string
terminal alphanumeric terminal name the user is running programs on
tty alphanumeric tty udevice the user is running programs on
type alphanumeric the audit record's type
uid numeric user ID
unit alphanumeric systemd unit
uri alphanumeric URI pointing to a printer
user alphanumeric account submitted for authentication
uuid alphanumeric a UUID
val alphanumeric generic value associated with the operation
ver numeric audit daemon's version number
virt alphanumeric kind of virtualization being referenced
vm encoded virtual machine name
vm-ctx alphanumeric the vm's context string
vm-pid numeric vm's process ID
watch encoded file name in a watch record