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QR Extractor

This code converts a selected file to base64, then chunks up the string based on the specified qr_string_size (Note: the larger the chunk size, the larger you'll need to set the qr_image_size, or you wont be able to read the QR Code). These Chunks are then converted into QR Codes and displayed in the browser and can be played back at a speed specified by the playback_delay setting.

Settings can be configured in scripts/main.js

  1. Open the index.html page in any browser.
  2. Select the file you want to process.
  3. Wait... The code will spit out QRs as they are processed.
  4. Use the Playback feature to cycle through the QR codes at the desired pace.

Optional params:

base64: Passing a base64 string to this command will auto-start processing the file.

playback: Passing the string finish to this param will auto-play the results, when QR codes finish rendering.

Example: index.html?playback=finish&base64=my_long_base64_string

Big Buck Bunny (5.5mb) takes 6:30 minutes to process with the default settings, but I've gotten it to 3:57 by increasing the chunk size.