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GNU Radio OOT Module for telemetry decoding of LilacSat-1, LilacSat-2 and BY70-1 satellites.

Tested on GRC 3.7.8 and, and ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

Currently this OOT module does not work on ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Please contact me if you can find a solution.

This project is supported by Harbin Institute of Technology.

Visit for more information.



frontend_rx_*.grc in examples folder for different devices:

  • frontend_rx_fcdpp.grc for Funcube Dongle Pro Plus (gr-fcdproplus needed);
  • frontend_rx_uhd.grc for USRP;
  • frontend_rx_rtl.grc for RTL-SDR.

demod_node*_*.grc in examples folder for different modulation and rate:

  • demod_node1_bpsk_9k6.grc for 437.200 MHz 9600 bps RRC-BPSK telemetry;
  • demod_node1_afsk.grc for 437.200 MHz 1200 bps AFSK-FM telemetry;
  • demod_node1_ccsds_fm.grc for 437.200 MHz 300 bps subaudio baseband telemetry;
  • demod_node4_4k8.grc for 437.225 MHz 4800 bps GFSK telemetry.

Use frontend_rx_*.grc, demod_node1_bpsk_9k6.grc and demod_node4_4k8.grc by default.

proxy_publish is also included in examples folder for upload telemetry for display.

LilacSat-2 Live CD

A Live CD is also provided:


LilacSat-1 Downlink IQ Record

A IQ record of LilacSat-1 downlink:

It can be used for a evaluation of the FM uplink codec2 downlink repeater.

BY70-1 Downlink Bit Steam Record

A bit stream record of BY70-1 downlink:

It can be used for a evaluation of the telemetry downlink and image downlink.