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Medium to Hugo

Tool for the migration of articles from a account to a static website generator with markdown like Hugo.

Here is a preview from my own migration (from medium to Hugo): example


  • transform HTML posts to markdown
  • ignores comments and empty articles
  • SEO friendly (keeps the old URL as an alias)
  • keeps all the metadata and adds most Hugo front Matter, including the alias with the old URL
  • even if one article fails it keeps going
  • marks the drafts as "draft_"
  • Fetch the article TAGS (which are not included in the Medium exporter), compatible with Hugo Related feature
  • Fetch all the Images and puts them in each articles bundle
  • stories are ordered by date (year-month-day_slug)
  • custom .Params: image, images, slug, subtitle
  • minimal HTML cleanup (removed empty URLs, duplicate title and so on)
  • adds #layout... suffix to every image so they can be styles accordingly from plain CSS with exactly same style as on Medium.


  1. Download your medium data
  2. Unzip it
  3. Download our binary (see Releases)
  4. Run something like ./mediumtohugo /path/to/export/posts /path/to/hugo/content/ posts

In case you need to bypass TLS/SSL checks you can run the binary with ALLOW_INSECURE=true environment variable. This is a case if the medium certificate expires and you want to export your blog with all tags.

Build / Contribute

You need Bash, Go 1.11+

See Issues for a list of TODOs.