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StarCitizen Janus - private discord version

Janus is a funny discord bot, made specific for private organisations. If your org has a discord server you can use Janus to entertain your members or do boring admin tasks.

Built with love for SC community by [].


  • custom command prefix (usefull when you already have a bot with "!")
  • easy to setup (only a config file)
  • auto delete commands and replies - keep your public channels clean
  • accept commands on private messages and public text channels
  • responds as private message - global and per command option
  • custom name - if you don't like Janus, you can change it
  • commands with multiple parameters and/or flags


  • isMember: Confirms that a RSI handler exists and that is part of our organisation
  • confirm: Allow your users to confirm their affiliation to your organisation and automatically add your Membership discord role.
  • beer: Any user can order a free random beer, it replies with a random real-life beer name and image using
  • decide: Allow your members to take decisions, they ask a question and the bot replies with (yes 40%, no 40%, maybe 10% chance).
  • latest: Returns the latest 5 reddit posts from /r/starcitizen Works great with the Discord preview thumbnails.
  • pledge: Fetch the latest CIG pledge details like Funds raised so far, number of pledgers and their ship bought count.
  • time: Returns the current time for multiple timezones (customizable list).
  • release: Returns the release date for StarCitizen.
  • author: A small token of appreciation to the original author.
  • your-command: add a new .js file in /lib/commands folder.

Video trailer and live demo

trailer logo




  1. Make a bot app on discord and get it's token
  2. Make a discord server
  3. Invite the bot on your discord Ex: (you need to be a moderator/admin)

Note: I recommend to make a new bot and server for testing/development process.

Tech setup

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Make a config and populate it
cp config.example.js config.js
vim config.js
  1. Install the dependencies
npm install --production
  1. Run the bot (see below)

Note: DO not run multiple instances with the same config file, the universe will explode.

If you have trouble with the Discord website you can follow this tutorial []

Run as local process

node ./lib/index.js

Run it as a Docker container

Requires Docker to be installed locally.

chmod +x *.sh
#see the errors
docker logs -f janusbot


If you appreciate and use my work see more on [] and consider giving credits (back link) and making a donation.


Discord bot for Star Citizen organizations.








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