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Playing around with creating a simple, lightweight version of Bespin

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A few years ago, a small team of folks working in Mozilla Labs created Bespin, a web-based code editor. Two of the guys responsible, Ben and Dion, left for Palm sometime later.

The Bespin team at Mozilla is going down an exciting path, building out the future of Bespin on technologies like SproutCore and pluggable JS modules and all kinds of great stuff.

Bespin-Basic is an experiment in going the opposite direction, taking Bespin back to its roots as a small, light-weight project with minimal dependencies and a focus on being a fast-evolving, great code editor.

Maybe we'll never commit another thing to this repo. But hopefully, we and a few others will make this into something cool. Not competitive with the official Bespin project at Mozilla Labs, but just... different.

Ben and Dion
May 2010
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