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FastTrack is a cross-platform application designed to track multiple objects in video recording.
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Tracking objects in video recording can be tedious. Existing softwares are expensive, the learning curve are step, and the workflow can not be easily adapted when the project evolved.

FastTrack is a tracking desktop software, easy to install and easy to used. The software is open-source and can be downloaded and modified to adapt any needs. Two main features are implemented in the software:

  • An automatic tracking algorithm that can detect and track objects (conserving the objects identities across the video recording).
  • A manual review of the tracking where errors can be corrected rapidly and easily by hands to achieved 100% accuracy.

alt text


Stable builds of the software are available for Linux, Mac and Windows on the download page. Nightly builds are available on the releases page.

Development environment

For Debian based distribution:

sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake mesa-common-dev
sudo apt-get install qt5-default 
cd fasttrack
./ opencv
./ full

For Arch based distribution:

sudo pacman -S cmake gcc
sudo pacman -S qt5-base
cd fasttrack
./ opencv
./ full

For Windows and Mac see the developer guide


Development environment


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