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This is the libmanyuc (library for many microcontrollers) code. You'll
find the source code of the library in the src/ directory, the
documentation can be generated using Doxygen, from the doc/ directory
and there are plenty of examples in the demo/ directory.

You can build all the demos in the demo/ directory issuing "make" in that

In order to compile the library you'll have to choose the target architecture
(currently LPC 1700 (mbed and LPCXpresso) and ATSAM3S  supported, more to come
soon), and set the PATH where the binaries for the compiler are located. This
can be done in the file, or in the Makefile of the demo file.

In order to build your own project, copy one of the demo directories and
start from there.

You can program either in C or C++, the functions available are the same,
when using C++ you get a more object oriented experience.  The target
architecture, the language of choice and other information are set inside
the Makefile of your project.

Have fun using libmanyuc!