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This is a simple hack to integrate notmuch into Ubuntu's Messaging menu. The script takes its configuration from a JSON file (~/.notmuch-indicator) which is created with some defaults the first time it is started.

The searches created by notmuch-indicator are specified by the searches dictionary. These searches will be refreshed every poll_period seconds (if this is not null) or every time the file given by watch_file (if not null) is changed.


  • notmuch python bindings
  • python-indicate
  • python-gobject
  • optional: xdotool (to raise emacs window when necessary)


The script itself can be installed using the included,

$ sudo python install

The watch file can be updated using a notmuch hook (see notmuch-hooks(5)),

$ echo "touch \$WATCH_FILE" >> \$DB_DIR/.notmuch/hooks/post-new