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An open hardware microcontroller device for use in research and teaching laboratory settings, and as an independent sensing node.



Code for controlling the Open Lab Monitor device, the development and goals and applications of which are documented here.

The code consists of Arduino code to be loaded on an Arduino-based sensor platform, as well as a Processing and Python interface for interacting with the platform (e.g. plotting sensor values, downloading data as a CSV file).

Notes on the Arduino Code

Some non-standard Arduino libraries are required, frozen versions of which can be found here. Copy (or better yet, link) the folders under "libraries" to your "libraries" folder for your Arduino sketchbook:

  • ThermistorLib (cversek's library for reading thermistor values) -- latest version found here.

  • SerialCommand (originally Steven Cogswell's slick library for parsing commands over serial) -- check out his surly blog post; we are using the new and improved version hosted on github here