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%.sym : %.tsym
tragesym $< $@
SYMS = $(wildcard sym/*.tsym)
SYMBOLS := $(SYMS:.tsym=.sym)
symbols : $(SYMBOLS)
check-symbols : $(SYMBOLS)
gsymcheck $(SYMBOLS)
.PHONY : clean
clean :
rm -f $(SYMBOLS)
pcb : symbols
gsch2pcb -v project | tee pcb.log : %.pcb
pcb -x ps --psfile $@ $<
%.pdf :
ps2pdf $< $@
.PHONY : gerbers
gerbers : $(name).pcb $(name).bom
rm -Rf gerbers
mkdir gerbers
pcb -x gerber --gerberfile gerbers/$(name) $< : gerbers
rm -f $@
zip -j $@ gerbers/*
.PHONY : osh-park-gerbers
osh-park-gerbers : gerbers
mkdir -p $@
cp gerbers/$(name).top.gbr "$@/Top Layer.ger"
cp gerbers/$(name).bottom.gbr "$@/Bottom Layer.ger"
cp gerbers/$(name).topmask.gbr "$@/Top Solder Mask.ger"
cp gerbers/$(name).bottommask.gbr "$@/Bottom Solder Mask.ger"
cp gerbers/$(name).topsilk.gbr "$@/Top Silk Screen.ger"
cp gerbers/$(name).bottomsilk.gbr "$@/Bottom Silk Screen.ger"
cp gerbers/$(name).outline.gbr "$@/Board Outline.ger"
cp gerbers/$(name).plated-drill.cnc "$@/Drills.xln" : osh-park-gerbers
rm -f $@
zip -j $@ osh-park-gerbers/* : %.sch
gnetlist -g partslist3 -o $@ $<
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