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import numpy as np
from numpy import sum, trunc, pi, sin, cos, exp
import scipy.optimize
def refine_circle((cx0,cy0), r0, img):
thetas = np.linspace(0, 2*pi, 100)
sigma = 2
delta = 3*sigma
def opt((cx,cy,r)):
def f(theta):
x = int(cx + r*cos(theta))
y = int(cy + r*sin(theta))
xs,ys = np.ogrid[x-delta:x+delta:1, y-delta:y+delta:1]
weights = 1./2/pi * exp(-((xs-x)**2 + (ys-y)**2) / 2 * sigma)
return np.average(img[xs,ys], weights=weights)
return -sum(f(theta) for theta in thetas)
(cx,cy,r) = scipy.optimize.fmin(opt, np.array([cx0, cy0, r0]))
print "Refined circle", (cx,cy), "radius", r
return ((cx,cy),r)
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