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JS Fundamentals: eFarmony Project

Welcome to the project portion of "JS Fundamentals"! Glad you are here mastering objects, arrays and functions with us! This document will guide you through the entire process for the project, with plenty of extra work for you to do at home for practice.

A Note on Free Tutoring:

If you keep track of typos and unclear directions, whoever submits the most mistakes to by the end of the week gets one free tutoring session! Please send them numbered in one e-mail or do a pull request to Github with the number of corrections in the comments. The Github method is preferred, feel free to ask for a mini-lesson on how to do this.


Today we will practice our JS Fundamentals by creating eFarmony, a dating app that enables animals to find the love they deserve! We will create the data structures and logic that will power your application. After the exercises, all you'll need to do is create the user interface using HTML/CSS and a little jQuery (or JS DOM for the purists)!


What will I need to do well in the class?

  • You should have some exposure to JavaScript syntax fundamentals, such as loops and control flow, objects and arrays. If you are relatively new to these concepts, please tell a TA immediately so we can take extra care in keeping you on track during the exercises.
  • Some of the instructions are written with the assumption you're using Google Chrome. While you are welcome to use any browser you like, Chrome has some of the best dev tools available, and it's highly recommended you try it for the duration of this class.
  • Any plain text editor will suffice for you to edit the exercise files. Sublime Text is a good choice.

What if I finish an exercise with extra time?

If you finish one of the assignments ahead of schedule, your best bet is to research and reinforce any previous concepts you'd felt shaky on, since each lecture is designed to build on a firm understanding of the previous ones. If you feel strong in all the material you've covered already, talk to an instructor and we will find some extra credit for you.

Before You Get Started

Download the zip file of this repository. Explore the files.

Run the index.html file in your browser. It will appear blank, but will make all your JavaScript files available in your JavaScript console.

You will be console.log()'ing a lot to check your work. When you complete a section, feel free to comment out any console.logs so that you don't clutter up your console as you are testing your code.

The scripts.js are the files you will be coding in today.

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