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This app was built for Evernote's Devcup Competition (2013). I called it Xplore and it was created to be a social platform for Evernote users to share and discover great content. A user could share any of his/her notes to the global feed and any content you came across on Xplore, you could save it back to Evernote. You can find more details on the project here =>

On a technical level, my skills are of a beginner. I'm mostly a UI designer so my coding skills are not that great. This was the first app that I built for iOS so it may not follow the best practices of the platform. The reason I'm open sourcing (this is a word right?) the project is so that other new developers could play around with the code and hopefully learn something out of it. I've learned a lot thanks to others who have open-sourced their projects so I thought it might help others if I did the same.

I used Evernote's API to share and save notes and Parse's API for the global feed. You'll probably need the API keys for those two platforms if you wanted to replicate what I did with the app. Otherwise, feel free to download it and change it as you see. Have fun!

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