Here's how the twitter bot @1900badsext works
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My friends Maggie and Beth wanted a Twitter bot that could tweet out some bad sexts. I bet that you could make some by just searching for already-existing tweets containing a few key present-tense phrases and just drop "SEXT:" in front of it. These jokes literally write themselves.

Run it with

$ python /path/to/config.file

and it will draw a random present-tense verb and an object and hunt for sexts in the wild out on Twitter.


You should make a filecalled autopost.config, and pass it in as the argument to the routine. It should look like:

CONSUMER_KEY = [the key] 
CONSUMER_SECRET = [the secret]
ACCESS_KEY = [the key]
ACCESS_SECRET = [the secret]

That's how it authenticates itself to Twitter for read and write requests, in case you wanna set up your own bot account.

Library wise, I think all it needs is Tweepy:

$ pip install tweepy

It hollers about InsecurePlatformWarning and how "a true SSLContext object is not available." I don't know how to fix that. It's preposterous.