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A program that enables you to rip the voices and sfx from games released by Telltale Games
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Forgot to add Game of Thrones bundle names

Forgot to add Game of Thrones bundle names
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@bgbennyboy authored
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mp3fileutils_06a Update to
Telltale_Speech_Extractor.dpr Update to version 1.3.7
Telltale_Speech_Extractor.res Update to 1.3.8
bass.dll Initial commit.
bassenc.dll Initial commit.
formAbout.dfm Update to
formAbout.pas Update to
formMain.dfm Update to 1.3.8
formMain.pas Update to 1.3.8
libspeex.dll Initial commit.
uAnnotationManager.pas Update to version 1.3.7
uBaseBundleManager.pas Update to
uBundledManager.pas Update to version 1.3.7
uExplorerBaseUnit.pas Update to 1.3.8
uExplorerTypes.pas Update to 1.3.8
uMPEGHeaderCheck.pas Update to
uTelltaleAudioManager.pas Update to 1.3.8
uTelltaleAudioPlayback.pas Update to version 1.3.7
uTelltaleResourceFileDetector.pas Forgot to add Game of Thrones bundle names
uTelltaleSpeechExtractorConst.pas Update to 1.3.8
uUnbundledManager.pas Update to version 1.3.7
uWaveWriter.pas Initial commit.
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