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Wish List
Things Señor Wants
This is a list of things I really want to get one day!

I have not written this list down before so I will have to build it up over time as I remember/find things that I want to get myself one day! This is a separate list from my bucketlist. This is a list of items I want, the bucketlist is a list of things I want to do before I die!


  • Do Not Have It
    • Description/Explanation
  • Currently Working On Getting
    • Description/Explanation
  • Already Have It
    • Description/Explanation


  • Hammock
    • I have always wanted a hammock, even since seeing them when camping as a scout!
  • 360 Camera (True 360 - Even the Bottom)
    • I would like to be able to have a 360 camera that can record everything including the table it is sitting on an in high quality! That would make a great way to record birthday parties!
  • Powerful Computer with Renderfarm
    • For those who know how I have tried to start my Youtube channel, I have failed because my computer is not powerful enough to render any of my videos in a reasonable time (I am not waiting a month for a 30 minute video). This has put me off of the Youtube channel the several times I have tried to record for Youtube. I even tried live streaming so I wouldn't have to render, but even that killed my computer if I accidently did something like left my browser running and next thing I know, I have a corrupted Minecraft world or lost all my stuff on a server.
  • DSLR Camera or something better
    • Now, if I can use my 360 camera like a DSLR, then I won't necessarily need a separate DSLR, but I would like to be able to take pictures of the night sky and see something else besides pitch black.
  • Some kind of gun
    • Honestly, I would probably go with some kind of pistol, but I would like a gun to be able to protect myself incase something goes wrong!
  • Cards Against Humanity Game and Extension Packs
    • This is a game that one of my friends has and I really enjoy playing the game whenever he brings it, so I want to get my own copy of the game so I can play it with friends outside of the groups that have Darius in it.
  • Automatic Spinning Sink
    • This is a sink that I had seen on a cruise I went on and I am planning on getting one for my own home when I get the chance to. It is just so amazing!