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Go Lockstep Server
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Go Lockstep Server

I want to be able to setup a lockstep stream off of any postgres table/view that has the few fields required by the protocol, and it will stream that table via lockstep, including any arbitrary data fields it includes.


Chunked HTTP


Data rows

  • A row will be returned as a JSON object:

     "txid": 549163,
     "current_xmin": 551033,
     "since": 549163,
     "deleted": true,
     "data": {
       "name": "",
       "user_id": 1


  • txid: transaction at which the record was last updated (required)
  • current_xmin: txid_snapshot_xmin(txid_snapshot_current()) (required)
  • since: min of txid_snapshot_xmin(txid_current_snapshot()) and txid (required)
  • deleted: whether or not the row is marked as deleted
  • data: any data fields in the row not part of the lockstep protocol

Control rows

  • snapshot_completed (when the initial dump/snapshot is complete)

      "control": true,
      "type": "snapshot_completed",
      "timestamp": 123456789
  • heartbeat (after each set of updates is sent out or when there are no rows in last n seconds)

      "control": true,
      "type": "heartbeat",
      "timestamp": 123456789


Tests are good. To run them, you need to have a postgres server running locally with a database named gls_test:

$ createdb gls_test

The test database URL is currently hardcoded as postgres://localhost:5432/gls_test with no authentication and no SSL. Once you have that set up, you can run the tests:

$ go test
warning: building out-of-date packages:
installing these packages with 'go test -i' will speed future tests.

ok      gls 0.119s
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